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the adobe photoshop lightroom 3 book for digital - the adobe photoshop lightroom 3 book for digital photographers voices that matter scott kelby on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers since lightroom first launched scott kelby s the lightroom book for digital photographers has been the world s 1 best selling lightroom book in this latest version for lightroom 3, ron martinsen s photography blog what plug ins should i - imagine that you were as rich as bill gates and retired even if you were and you have all the time on your hands to learn new things i still doubt that any one normal human could use all of the great plug ins available for adobe photoshop adobe lightroom there are just so many choices and so, the digital photography book part 5 photo recipes - scott kelby is the world s 1 best selling author of photography books as well as editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed photoshop user magazine, ron martinsen s photography blog canon 1d mark iv new - here s my recommendations on how to get started with your canon 1d mark iv which is the most amazing piece of camera equipment i ve ever owned however it is also a very advanced system which needs input from the photographer on your intent in order for its af system to perform its best just like for exposure we must set the iso aperture and shutter speed, 5 reasons why i love the fujifilm xf100 400mm lens dan - the fujifilm xf100 400mm f 4 5 5 6 wr has excellent razor sharp fujinon optics superb image stabilization very fast af and it s just a really fun lens, complete digital information resources david woodsmall - the rest of my digital information web page 1 33 1 standard tv s 4 by 3 aspect ratio 1 33 1 4x3 full screen ntsc older analog screen aspect ratios 1 37 academy format 35mm film standard non anamorphic full frame with sound has an aspect ratio of 1 37 to 1 1 50 vistavision obsolete 1 66 1 when a film is transferred to dvd in this aspect ratio it will have very small, should you buy a dslr or point and shoot digital camera - i m using a compact point and shoot digital camera and i would like to ask it is worth it to upgrade to a dslr camera how huge a difference do dslr cameras make compared to compact point and shoot digital camera thanks for the question i ll attempt to keep my answer brief and not too technical